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World’s Largest Rodent


Would you like to know what is the largest rodent in the world?

You would be surprised that this kind of rodent even exists, it’s a very uncommon animal that is very interesting to read about.

If you want to know something new or you’re interested in zoology then this article is for you.

Capybara (genus Hydrochoerus), also known as Carpincho or water hog is world’s largest rodent, growing about 4.3 feet(1.3 meters) long and their weight maybe up to 174 pounds(79 kilograms) They are very social creatures and can be friends with the most animals in the world,

They like living in a flock of about 10-20 Capybaras, but in the summer they can unite up to 50 Capybaras. When the rains arrive, animals break off into smaller groups. Capybaras are also good swimmers and can swim up to 30 mp/h(48 kp/h), this helps them to survive against predators. 

Most Capybaras are living in South America. Capybaras are short-haired brownish rodents with blunt snouts, short legs and almost no tail. They are shy and spend most of their time in the water. Also Capybara can even sleep in the water. They live about 8-10 years (12 years in zoo) but most of them are dying much earlier because of predators such as the jaguar, their only defense against predators is their teeth which gives them an effective defense mechanism. Also in danger Capybaras mostly jump in the water as I said earlier they are good swimmers and can easily swim away from danger. Also Capybaras are very intelligent and their IQ may be higher than most dogs.


Here are some interesting facts about Capybaras:

  1. Their teeth never stop growing, so they need to grind them down all their life.
  2. Other animals love sitting on them, they are so chill about other animals sitting on them, so they can be called “moving chairs”.
  3. They are good at agile on land, their speed maybe up to 21 mph(35 kp/h) which is close to the speed of a horse.



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