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How to deal with controversial situations

Omar A.

To deal with controversial situations is very difficult to do because in so many cases, people get into too much trouble fighting a lot in all places around the world. This is because of a conflict based on a person’s feelings and lack of understanding of others’ perspectives. 


Controversial situations are based on stuff that people don’t really pay attention to often. They often think that controversial situations are something that is kind of appropriate besides the sense of feelings of a human. 


What is conflict? 


Conflict is something that happens when a person agrees with an idea but the other person disagrees with that idea or both disagree with it. Ignoring conflict is the best way to deal with it. 


Why is forgiveness important for this type of situation?


According to Mr. Anderson, a restorative dean at Leaders High School, said, “Forgiveness is something that is a process and what I mean by this is that sometimes people need time and space to reflect their perspective or if they have gain a new perspective to reflect on it and then take steps to forgive said situation.” Everyone deserves a second chance. People make so many mistakes, they get a lot of chances. The people they made have done things to, they always forgive. In many cases, forgiveness is the best way to resolve conflict.  


What to do when you’re inside the situation?  


It’s actually very difficult to know when a controversial situation might come to you. But when you’re inside the situation, that’s simply an extreme decision whether you should just be fighting. According to Mr. Anderson, “The best thing that you can do is to take some time to reflect and let your emotions come down so that you can gather your thoughts beforehand to have a productive and healthy conversation to come to a solution for their conflict, organize your thoughts and maybe make some notes about what you want to say.” It is also important to listen to the other party so you can understand where they’re coming from, even if you think they’re wrong. You will need to think about what they are saying and why it makes sense to them, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. 


How can a controversial situation come about? 


According to Mr. Anderson “A controversial situation arises when at least two individuals have different opinions. We are humans and we have complex emotions and sometimes our needs are not met which means that we are not fully content with how we feel and we want to find answers. And sometimes those answers are not right in front of us and frustrations can come out of that.” 


What can you do before it comes? 


Before a situation might come you can try to respect the others perspectives and you can also try to understand what’s going on with them because they might be having tough situations. According to Mr. Mears, a teacher at Leaders High School, “Listen to the other person for understanding. Educate yourself with real and reliable sources (not TikTok). Ask people who are experts to explain what they know. Form an opinion based on facts and evidence, not social media.”


How can you deal with a conflict situation online? 


Dealing with a situation like this, especially online, can damage our mental health. In order to survive this type of situation online, according to Ms. Deleon, a social worker at Leaders High School, “I wouldn’t engage with an online controversial situation and probably limit your access to the particular person.” 


Is it possible that a type of situation like this might actually be good? 


A controversial situation is bad most of the time but in some cases it can actually be good because according to Ms. Deleon “controversial situations can bring about a way for people to learn how to express themselves and resolve situations moving forward. It can definitely be a learning lesson for people who don’t know what conflict is, especially the people who never even had a controversial situation with someone against a disagreement.” If someone finds themself in a controversial situation, look for others that can help to deal with the situation. 


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