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9th Grade Teachers – School Life

David Sadoff 

Science teacher Mr. Sadoff emphasizes that he has a good experience with 9th graders in class. There are always some challenging things that he can motivate 9th graders and trying to keep the classroom environment successful and partnering like; analyzing scientific data, applying scientific concepts, making predictions  and comparing them to the observations, make all groups stay together, support each other and help each other. He states, “I can see now how to challenge 9th graders and allow them to be successful in the classroom.”  Also, Mr. Sadoff always gives an opportunity to students to talk about what they know during class time. “I also feel like it’s a good opportunity to give them a chance to talk about what they know”  Lastly, Mr. Sadoff suggests that there are a lot of good qualities of a friendship that can make a good contact with your teacher. “I think there are a lot of useful qualities of a friendship that can show up in a teacher student relationship,” he stated. 


Kai Xin Chen 

Math teacher Ms. Chen highlights that in our school we do things differently and we have a lot of mathematical strategies that can develop our math skills. She states, “The most exciting thing is how we introduce students to what the Math looks like in our school.” Also, she is showing that all four grades in high school can be very interesting and even unforgettable, there can be a lot of motivation, confidence and energy in the classroom environment. “And now that I’m teaching like all those grades it’s nice to get that energy when I do have 9th graders in the room.”  Furthermore, the teacher is always trying to have a good contact with students by doing some motivational things before the lesson starts like; what is happening in their days or what they do to have fun and activities. “I tried to ask students, about like, what’s happening in their days or what they do for fun” and “we also tried to do activities in a Math class that might get students Interested in talking about some of the things that they like,” she stated.


Michael Kosciol 

Mr. Kosciol is a History teacher, he highlights that the work in his subject may have a lot of benefits like; to explore the ancient world and events, memory practice, finding important quotes or information, reading, writing and presenting skills. Mr. Kosciol states, “I kind of like passing some of that information to along the students, I really like the work that we do, so I’m always happy.”  In a freshman year students are learning new school and education system, they are exploring new norms and new rules in a first year of high school. For some students it might be hard to communicate with someone, have a good contact with a teacher or to do school’s work, but overtime all students are finding something that comforts and inspires them and they start getting used to it.  According to Mr. Kosciol, “I think 9th grade are still adjusting, it’s an interesting year that inspires human development.”  Also, we have a lot of different activities in school like SLC’s and Round Tables that can improve student’s development. “You’re still learning all new system at school , and you come here, and if you came from a traditional middle school, things like – SLC’s and round tables, they’re different, there is some challenges with that,” Mr. Kosciol stated. Furthermore, by the word “Teacher” means that Mr. Kosciol is trying and wants to be a friend to students so they could feel comfortable and safe in the classroom environment and with a teacher. He states, “But just not trying to be a teacher in front of students.”


Estefania Melo 

Ms. Melo is an ART teacher in Leaders, she enjoys teaching 9th grade students and is always ready to help and communicate with them. High School always has positive and negative sides, the teacher shows some good facts or benefits in High School like; you’re becoming a person that you’ve been dreaming about, new friends around, environment, education and new school norms and rules, she states, “9th grade teachers give students  a different mind set of what high school can be.” Over time 9th grade students gets new friends, experiences, accomplishments, achievements and successes. But in hard times they always need support from their friends, “they listen but then wants to get a comfortable after month or two” Ms. Melo stated. Also, Ms. Melo is always trying to help students with their work or support. She’s giving them advice or feedback.  “I normally call them up to me and then tell them like “hey maybe you should work on this” or kind of give them a feedback.


Zhanna Bubnova 

Zhanna Bubnova is a 9th grade English teacher, who loves to welcome freshmen in school, and always has a good, positive and energetic classroom environment. They let freshmen find out what High School really is and what they will have to go through and how to prepare for it. They state, “It’s a new place and you get to guide them into this new world that called High School.”

Additionally, Bubnova is always having a fun time with 9th graders, they joke around, having some class activities and games. They get comfortable with them and students with them, stating “ I also like that 9th graders are just so energetic and full of life, and this is one of the best parts to teach 9th graders they can be silly and you can be just free and fun with them.” During class time students are learning new things about writing or reading, deeply finding something new with a teacher and their friends.  “It’s just so wonderful to get to sit down and read, when people are thinking, people are exploring and wondering about and I really love that part,” she stated.

In English class before to start the lesson, the teacher is always interested about their students’ life, some benefits of their weekend, or maybe how they are doing in their personal and daily life. Zhanna states “I just like to know how people are doing, what are they watching, what are they thinking about, what do they do when they get home, what are their relationship with their family.”  Lastly, there is always a lot of giggling in class, funny and silly moments that may happen to a student and Zhanna find it kind of their love language. “Roasting is my love language,” they stated.


Linda Barnes 

Ms. Barnes is an Independent Reading teacher, but she cooperates with Zhanna in English class and helps to keep positive community in a classroom. She likes to watch students’ journey during all high school years. When they had to go through, and what they accomplished, she states “I know where we are starting and I get to see where it ends”. It is nice for her to always talk to students about what they like about the class, environment, assignments or what inspires them. During lessons she is actually having a fun time with students, they joke around, there is always a lot of giggling and silly actions. “I really enjoy teaching them.” All students love food, and they love when teachers are giving them snacks. It is a good way to have nice contact with a teacher in school. “I think food is a great way to connect,” she stated.   

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