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Trwistan M.

 A group of high school juniors and seniors embarked on an ambitious hiking adventure, covering the distance from Connecticut to Massachusetts in just three days. This is how their journey began:


DAY 1: A Promising Start 


The first day started off with excitement and nervousness for others as their hike started at the bottom of Mount Everett. The weather was hot and quickly when all the students were off the bus they were attacked by pollen. Everyone was sneezing for the first 30 minutes of the hike. The hikers pushed through the heat making good progress and stopping by a nice river to filter their water for the rest of the day. When everyone arrived at the first campsite they set up tents and got food ready on the fuel canister and the dried food which needed boiling water to cook. However, the night brought two challenges as it was cold and rained heavily until morning, making the ground wet and slippery for tomorrow’s hike. 


DAY 2: Crossing into Massachusetts 


On the second day of the journey, the group relied on MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat) to eat for the day. They all had to eat the MRE’s if they wanted to have enough energy for the day’s hike. These meals require a lot of patience which was hard because a lot of the students were exhausted from the hike and were hungry for anything. After crossing some rocks and a stream the hikers were in front of the sign saying “Welcome to Massachusetts”. When the hikers saw this sign they felt relieved as they knew they were all close to their goals and marking a significant milestone in their journey. They all slept comfortably in their new campsite, sleeping early as they knew tomorrow’s hike was to be the hardest. 

Hikers arriving at the sign “Welcome to Massachusetts” (Trwistan M.)


Day 3: The Final Stretch 


The third and last day was more difficult than any other. They were presented with big and slippery rocks at the top of the mountain forcing the group to slow down and be cautious. The weather was cold, especially all the way at the top and it would begin to rain every now and then making it even harder for some hikers who lost their rain jackets or threw them out. Despite all of these obstacles the hikers were still very well determined to get back on that bus and go home.

Way back down from the mountain (Trwistan M.)


 On the way back down from the top the hikers took a break on a local farm where they all learned about Native Americans that used to live there and the local crops that were being grown in that area. 


Lastly the group waited for their bus which arrived 10 minutes later than expected so the hikers were all cold, wet and hungry. Once the bus finally arrived they all felt relieved and excited to head back home. The three day challenge was a tough but rewarding experience proving their teamwork and determination.

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