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Subway Observations – Part 3


Here, we see an out-of-service R160 about to bypass 86th Street on the (N) line on the southbound express track. During the AM rush hour, seven (R) trains terminate at 59th Street and deadhead to Coney Island Yard via the (N) express line.

A not-in-service R211T bypasses 86th Street on the (N) line on the southbound local track. This R211T was doing burn-in testing along Sea Beach/4 Av and is now returning to Coney Island Yard. Burn-in testing is an accepted practice for detecting early failures in electronic devices.

Here, we see an R142 (2) train bound for 241st Street at Atlantic Av, displaying that it will go over the Lexington Avenue Line (the (4)(5)(6) lines) instead of the 7th Avenue Line, the line that it usually runs on. This reroute happened due to a collision/derailment near 96th Street on Thursday, January 4, 2024. Although this reroute is quite common, it’s still a cool sight to see!

Here, we see an R68 (B) train bound for Brighton Beach sitting at Newkirk Plaza. But hold on! This (B) is colored yellow as opposed to the regular orange! This yellow (B) designation was used from 1986 to 1988 during the Manhattan Bridge reconstruction, when the (B) ran on Broadway (the (N)(Q)(R)(W) lines today) as opposed to the Sixth Avenue Line (the (B)(D)(F)(M) lines today). The sign is rare to see and can be seen on some R68 and R68A rollsigns.

Here, we see another R68 (B) train bound for Brighton Beach approaching Sheepshead Bay, but this time is signed as a <B> as opposed to the regular (B). The <B> bullet was notoriously used beginning on March 1, 1988 to indicate the (B) switching terminals from 168th Street to Bedford Park Blvd to replace <C> service.

Here, we see a regular sign at the Canal Street station in Chinatown. But hold on! This (M) bullet is colored brown! The (M) train, which was colored brown from 1979 to 2010, was merged with the (V) due to budget cuts. The (M) regularly runs between Metropolitan Av and 71st Avenue.

Here, we see an R68 (N) train bound for Astoria-Ditmars Blvd departing 86th Street, using a diamond <N> bullet as opposed to the regular circle (N) bullet. The <N> designation was last used from 1979 to 1986 to indicate limited rush-hour service between Whitehall St and Forest Hills-71 Av.

This rollsign was found on an (N) train bound for Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. The northern and southern destinations are correct, however, the route is signed as (B) instead of (N).

An R46 (N) train awaits departure from the Stillwell Avenue Terminal, erroneously signed as a (V). It is unknown how this happened, but it could be possible that unauthorized individuals broke into the cab. Still a cool sight to see!

Here, we see an R160 running on the (W) line. On some weekdays during the week of November 13, 2023, shortages of operable subway cars led to this loan from Jamaica Yard of an R160 running on the (W) line.

For some erroneous signage found on the R160-type subway cars, click the link below!




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