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Most Popular Sports for Leaders High School

Lafayette Campus

Leaders High School, a part of the Lafayette Campus, has a ton of sports that you can play or be a part of. In this article it shows the most popular sports and favorite sports of the students in Leaders. 146 students and staff members were asked what their favorite school sports are and they include basketball, soccer, bowling, football, baseball, volleyball, badminton, flag football, and cheerleading. 



Coming in at 8th is Cheerleading at the least popular with one vote. Out of the 146 people interviewed, only 0.6% said their favorite sport is cheerleading. This is surprising because when my parents were younger they said that cheerleading was one of the most popular sports you could do.


Coming in at 7th is bowling with four votes. Out of the 146 people interviewed, only  2.7 % said this was their favorite sport.  This is very surprising because a lot of people like to bowl outside of school.


Coming in at 6th is a tie between football and baseball with eleven votes each. Out of the 146 people interviewed 7.5% said football or baseball was their favorite sport. 


Coming in 5th is flag football with fifteen votes. Out of the 146 people interviewed, 10% said flag football was their favorite sport and this is really surprising to me because more people like flag football more than tackle football.


Coming in 4th is badminton with eighteen votes. Out of the 146 people interviewed 12.3% said that they liked badminton. This is surprising because badminton is a lot like volleyball or tennis.


Coming in bronze is volleyball with 28 votes. out of the 146 people interviewed 19.1% of the people like volleyball


Coming in silver is basketball with 29 votes. Out of the 146 people interviewed, 19.8 % of the people like basketball. It’s not that surprising that  basketball is in the top 3 but we thought it would be first.


Coming in at gold is soccer with 30 votes. Out of the 146 people interviewed 20.5 % said soccer. And this is not very surprising that this is first but we honestly thought basketball would be first.


If you want to join any of these sports contact the coaches or Mr. Kaps by emailing him at [email protected]


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