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Camping Before and After (2023 Edition)

9th grade students went on a 4-day camping trip with their crew members, peer mentors and their teachers. Here are their thoughts on the trip before and after!


I went around asking students their thoughts and feelings about the camping trip. I asked 4 students, Natalia, Justin, Ayden, and Daniel, and here are their responses.

What are your thoughts on this camping trip right now? Why are you excited to go camping? 

Natalia, Justin, and Daniel were excited to go camping for several reasons. Natalia has been wanting to go camping. Justin said that going camping just seems fun and Daniel said that he saw a picture of a fire and that influenced him. Ayden was nervous to go because he doesn’t like camping.

Have you ever gone camping? 

They all answered no. This will be their first time!

Are you scared? What’s your biggest fear for this camping trip?

Natalia was afraid of the bugs meanwhile Daniel was scared of the bears (There are no bears where we are going). Daniel and Ayden said they weren’t afraid at all.

How close do you feel with your crew members and leader?

They all claimed to know 2-3 people in their crew but not too many.

What’s your goal for the camping trip?

Natalia’s goal is to spend time with her friends.

Daniel’s goal is to win the mini-games.

Justin’s goal is to have fun.

Ayden’s goal is to make fire with sticks.

What do you think is going to be challenging? 

Natalia said that waking up and sleeping would be hard. Justin mentioned sleeping with an air conditioner. Ayden said 4 days in the woods with no communication. Daniel said making the fire.


I had the same people answer questions after the camping trip had happened.

What was your favorite part of this experience? 

Natalia mentioned a moment when her peer mentor accidentally got the tarp caught in her mouth. Justin said getting closer and bonding with the crew members. Ayden said beating Zhanna’s crew, another 9th grade crew at the low ropes course. Lastly, Daniel said sitting by the fireplace after a long day of walking.

Are you closer to your crew members now? 

All of them said yes. Now, they all have inside jokes with one another.

Would you go camping again? 

Natalia, Justin, and Daniel all answered yes while Ayden said no.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to people who have never gone camping? 

They said to not pack so many clothes, watch what you say to one another, live in the moment, and think positively.

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