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Candies Rated From Best to Worst

Today, I’m rating candies from best to worst (no offense to candy lovers). Some candies are just that good, and some candies are just terrible. Here are my friends’ and I opinions of candy!


Gummy Bears – They’re just very iconic!
Sour Gummy Worms – They’re a great childhood snack!
Twix – It has an even amount of everything.
Crunch – It’s crunchy!
Sour Patch Kids – “First, they’re sour, then sweet.”

Ring Pops – They’re good, just not my favorite.
Jolly Ranchers – They make me jolly!
Ferrero Rocher – A good combination!
Kit-Kat – It is decently okay, but lost its taste somehow…
Milky-Way – It’s good, but way too much caramel for me…
Almond Joy – The coconut and almond makes it a lot more tastier.
Snickers – Too much caramel for me.
Juicy Drop – They give you gummies and a condiment!
M&M’s – It gets too sweet if you eat too many
Fun Dip – Dip!
Gushers – It’s a gummy, but it has juice inside!

Laffy Taffy – It gets too chewy and sweet. I hate it when it gets stuck on the wrapper.

Starburst – They’re good, but not the best.

Swedish Fish – They’re bland.

Fruit roll-ups – Not my strong suit: no flavor or variety

Pop Rocks – Rock

Warhead – Very sour

Dumdum – It’s just a lollipop.

Tootsie Rolls – They’re very sweet, and they get stuck on my teeth.

Whoppers – WHOPPER!

Milk Duds –  Very unsatisfying for me.

Dots – It’s a dot.

Twizzlers  – They’re terrible, especially the other flavor, black licorice, that made them worse.

Not Good
Hot Tamales –  Personally, I don’t like spice in my candy.

Mike and Ike – E h h ?

Reeses Cups – I don’t like peanut butter.

Jelly Beans –  A curse of jelly beans.

Chocolate mint (York) –  CHOCOLATE AND MINT IS A FOUL COMBINATION for me!

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